The numbers are in - your business needs content before it’s too late.

by Riley Hanson
September 11, 2023

Has your business been in a tough spot lately? No momentum, you feel like people don't care, or maybe you’re just not making sales at all. 

That seems to be the trend the last couple of months with a lot of business owners I've talked to. They don't know where to start or what to change. 

A solution started floating around in my head after hearing all these issues. Attention. Attention allows you all the leverage you could ever need for your business. Whether that’s closing more deals, creating more business relationships, or just making sure people know who the fuck you are!

I’ll go into a quick example of how we were able to do all three of those things utilizing video content this year. Charlie (Creative Director) on our team came up with probably the most brilliant marketing strategy we’ve used. Spend 1 hour of time creating a business a free promotional video, collaborating on their post, and start watching the attention pour in.

Now we didn’t go after these businesses with ANY expectations, that’s the key factor here. What we wanted was to capture the attention of all these businesses audiences, whether they were consumers or business owners. We want to be THE content agency to dominate Boise, Idaho, and we declared that the day we got back from VeeCon 2023.

4 months later our books are full (went from 3 to 7 clients) with people that are paying us $3,500-$5,000 per month for creating VIDEO CONTENT.  Everytime we meet someone that knows us, they immediately greet us with “I love the free promos you guys have been doing”. Now, these people have no idea what the structure is or why we do it, but they know that we are the agency giving businesses free content and additionally, good free content. People will talk about you forever if you give value and do it well. 

One thing I loved about doing the free promos was because it allowed us to do what we were good at and market ourselves at the same time. We weren’t spending 20 hours researching facebook ads and setting up some click funnel that doesn’t even convert. I’m not saying a similar strategy works for everyone but this is what worked for us.

Throughout this article, I hope you’ve gained some insight on why we love what we do and why video content is going to be crucial moving forward for businesses of every industry.

If you have any questions or want to chat about your business's marketing ideas, you can reach me through our website.

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